Hatha Blend For All Levels

Monday & Wednesday 6pm
Tuesday 9pm & Saturday 8:30am

Taking a foundational approach to yoga asana (poses) this class brings together proper alinement, breath and movement creating strength, balance, flexibility, vitality and inner peace. Designed for beginners and those with more experience, who would like to enhance and deepen their practice. 

Gentle Chair Yoga 

Tuesday & Friday 10:30AM, Wednesday 4pm

A more gentle approach to Hatha Yoga asana (poses). Supported gentle movement to help open the joints, focus the mind and breathe life into all areas of the body. This class is excellent for people with limited mobility.

Hatha for Mothers and Daughters

Will return in summer

Beginning level yoga for mothers and their daughters ages 10-17. Learning the poses with proper alinement, incorporating breath and movement. A fantastic way to balance the body and the mind. Gaining awareness, building flexibility, strength, balance and stability.

Private Yoga Session

Call or Email to schedule

Therapeutic yoga practices and designed for you individually. Private sessions that support you and your unique body, to generate physical healing, mobility and all around good health. The focus is on breath and proper alinement to open up and awaken your body, to ease tension, relieve pain and create balance inside and out.  Whether you are an experienced yogi or new to yoga all levels are welcome. Just do it!

Health Coach Consultation

Call or Email to schedule

Are you ready yet? Are you ready to take control of your health and wellbeing? I am really excited to share ways to heal that work. If you struggle with weight, insomnia, low energy, inflammation, PMS or stress related illness please set aside time to meet with me. We will set forth an action plan that works for you with weekly follow ups that support. You can bring balance and health to your life, you just need to love yourself enough to take the step.